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Do you have limited space in your bath room? Want to improve it with new vanities? Renovation of a small bathroom is a challenging task. One needs to install the required equipments in the limited space. Here are some tips of loading up bathroom products in the limited space:

1.    Consider buying free standing bathtubs instead of a fixed one. This type of tub can be moved from one place to another easily.  If you are particular about design, have a look at Victorian designer bathtubs.

2.    Bathing under the shower is actually enjoyable. The shower is thus another required product, you may need. It takes only limited space in your bathroom walls.

3.    Wall mounted sink is always ideal for small bathrooms.

4.    Also install other wall mounted vanities such as toilet/medicine cabinet, wall hung, mirrors etc. to give a fantastic look of the bath area. Designer cabinet attached to mirror may be an optional for you.

5.    Do not fix those items which are really not required.

Once you have done with the bath vanities, next is deciding about the right color, design and texture. There are a variety of product materials with different colors, shapes and styles i.e. antique, traditional and modern, in the market. With right configuration, you can create a magical look of the interior of your residence. You can make the space larger with all comforts and pleasures. Do not get mind-boggling. Hire a professional to assist you in your drawing plan to place the products in the right place, if required.

To meet your budget, you can buy the required items from retailers of wholesale bathroom vanities. Some of them offer fine quality products at very economical rate with home delivery option. Find out the best one in your locality. Online search of these wholesale suppliers can make your work easier.